•  ghozt bio: I started writing rap music when i was 14 then around about 15 yrs old i started making my own beats.iam strongly influnced by horrcore muscic thats what got me started making music in the first place.i would also say that iam also strongly influnced by undergroundrap to since i also listen to alot of that.
  • major influnces: i would probally have to say these list of people, insane clown posse, twiztid,blaze ya dead homie,anybodykilla,boondox,axe murder boys, basacially anyone from pshycopathic,necro,army of the pharaohs,Brotha lynch Hung,ill bill,immortal technique,jedi mind tricks,kottonmouth kings,murs,tech n9ne,three 6 mafia
  • growing up bio: when i was younger i was born from my mother but then put up for adopotion.nobody would take me so my cousin wanted to keep me as my gurdian.so my mother accepted and i lived with my cousin kyle through my early childhood.my cousin lived in a very bad area in Clevland Ohio right in St. Clair on 130th street.but my cousin could not raise me well so after awhile our house was bank owned because he couldnt afford the house bill anymore.So we had to reside all the way back to this westside homless shelter we stayed there for about a week or so.then worse came to worse they told us we couldnt stay any longer because there where to many people.so we left on a city bus with the leftover change we had and my cousin and me ended up somewhere in parma.We where somewhere by there mall we hung out there during the day then at night when it closed we walked over to Giant Egale and slept in there bathrooms every night.And this went on and on we where proabally hitting like maybe 3 weeks doing this.we where in the month of June(than god or we probally would of died in the winter).O and when we where homless i think i was at the age of 6 when this was going on.But the bad news came and my cousin was taken away by the cops because my mom must of called em because my cousin still kept in contact with her.For some reason he was charged for accused murder since he was partcipating in gang activity on the eastside.then i was taken to a foster home not for that long tho probally only a day.But my mother showed up and was talking to a police offcier showed him these papers took me and left.When we where taking a ride home my mom was crying because she was upset she had to leave me with him.she said she had to because she was having trouble with the first guy she married because he was very violent twoards my sister(Annmarie).So when we got to my mom and dads house we lived in the sububurb in North Royalton.We lived in this place called chantclair(lol i probally mispelled that)It was a nice neighbroohood we lived there for about 4 to 5yrs.i was going to public shcool systems.but the only bad thing about that was i was made fun of because i was poor my parents couldnt afford much i wore ripped up pants tore up shirts and ragged shoes.then around when i was 9 or 10 i moved to fountain point.This place was okay i hung out with some of the neighbroohood kids but the older alduts seemed like they thought i was a bad kid riding my skateboard around the block,playing basketball.i didnt even talk to this pepole maybe my parents introduced themselves but i never said anything.i use to hang out with my neighbrohood kids across from me.There names where Matt and David we use to not even care what the adults thought of us we just chill and hang around.After a while i then use to chill with this kid named john and katie we use to have a lot of fun until there fuckin pice of shit neighbor that lived next to them called the cops on me.i did somthing stupid tho for that to occur i exposed myself showed the part that you arent suppose to show and ya so when he said he was calling the cops and ran home in panic.then the cop came to our door and said dont do it again or will take you in.so we stoped talking to our neighbors ever since that incident happend.And i forgot to mention the horrobile issues that i had entering middle shcool.again i was still made fun of because of not having much they use to gang up on me in fifth grade.fifth grade was probally like my worst year because thats when i started becoming very violent.I rember thats when i started having these wierd dreams about killing pepole and trying to toutrure them.Then around 6th grade i started getting calls from my cousin that he was being released from prision and he was telling the truth because during the summer he ringed the doorbell and i answerd.he siad dude hey man lets go to clevland rich we can chill an do all this crazy shit.I was thinking in my mind i dont want to do this but i was stupid and went.my cousin was doing so many dumbass things i couldnt belive my mind.He had a crappy house like the one we use to live in but a shit load of wepons,cash,drugs.he carrys a switch blade with him anytime me an him are woandering around the streets.He use to bring me to his damn gang meetings an i bascially was in the gang.But i didnt do this all the time than god i somtimes use to make up excuses.Then i started seventh grade.that was a good grade cause thats where i had a lot of friends i use to chill with.But hell we always got in fights we where never always chilled.But most of my friends cosidered me the most violent i didnt take any of there shit at all!Other than that tho we use to be like trouble makers we didnt care about anybody or anything we where going to start shit.Out of all my friends in middle school tho the one that was bascially my brother was Joe.Me in him never got in actually fights if we did we always where messing around.In eight grade that was like my main homie in school.although i was still hanging out with my other friends and my cousin he was my main dude.we use to hang out all the time in school we also use to chill in parma town meet with some pepole.Until about the middle of eigth grade thats when the really trouble started.My cousin first offred me drugs which i accepted and didnt think anything of it.I was doing cocaine,weed,meth, the same time my friends where smoking and things where starting to get bad cause thats all we use to do was smoke.But my parents where getting very suspoicous of what i was doing and started to qesustion me every time i got home.But now what iam bout to tell you was life changing event that turned half my life around.Okay so it started with me and my cousin chilling by this gas station with his one friend Jake in the back of the car.We where chilling by this alley smoking some weed i cant rember where we were it hit me so fast but i guess my dad found out our location my cousin spotted him right away and told me to get back in the car with jake.Then my dad was snooping around in the gas station i maybe thought he was looking for us.my cousin wanted to attack him in suprise but he decided to not do it an then my dad  caught out of the corner.From my point of view they looked like they where arguing and i heard my dad yelling fuckin loud as hell.My dad did somthing that i couldnt belive he punched my cousin right in the face.I was suprised that he didnt fight back it seemed like he was scared.But anyways kyle was bleeding out of his nose then my dad approched me and told me to get in the car.He was just yelling at me so much i just completly tuned him out.Then i end up back home again.My mom and dad both arguing so here i go again my mom takes me to rehab.I was so ashamed to be pissed that i didnt really care at the moment.After about a month in rehab i was finally corrected me and my friends still did stuff but i rarley did it.Althought during highschool as a freshman i did have some drinking issues.Then it started all changing when all my friends went down diffrent path an shit.I only had a few close friends in school and i still chill at parma.An i guess thats how shit was going then but now who knows what the future brings me.
  • Q:how did you get your name?
  • A:i made it up by how my life was as you read above.An what the name basically represnts is how it feels like iam so empty inside that how through my life i feel as if i never exsisted.That pepole never really notcied me through my whole life and iam just a lost haunting soul looking for revenge
  • If you have any questions message me on myspace on my page my url is ghoztbringsthewickedness and i can post your qestions on here
  • Okay news update my new album eastsidejuggalo that iam currently working on is coming out somewhere between september or october contact me on myspace if you have any questions on it             
  • Here are some photos iam working on:





ghozt’s side of the story


                    If there is one thing that I could change about rap music is that most rappers have the same kind of style as the others do. Most of these rappers out there are trying to copy each others style which is wrong because that’s what most scam artists do. Another thing is that most of these rappers lyrics (especially the mainstream hip hop genre) talk about cars, moneys bitches.IT STARTS TO SOUND ALL THE SAME! That’s why I try to make my sound a lot more different from the others on the radio or MTV because most of the time artist like that are starting to get negative reviews from there fan base. I mean I look at it like this, if we all dressed the same would any of us have are own unique style….. Hell no we wouldn’t. That’s why there is underground hip hop of today is because of the different music style that fits some others taste of music. But I would think of this a way to evolve especially with the hardcore, horror core, underground music. Most of my family thought the music that I listened to was violent and didn’t have any meaning to it. Well they are right in a way but wrong most of the way because sometimes there intense lyrics describe there grasp or there perspective on life and how they lived through it, what they think of the world, how things are going for them in their current standpoint. For most individuals it’s a hard concept to grasp on why these guys right these kinds of lyrics. In my opinion if people like this didn’t write this kind of music then how would everyone learn how to change are society or even the world? The basic is this, that some lyrics are negative some lyrics are positive and your going to have a wide range of what most problems that these horror core rappers are trying to get at. Also every one says that rap is a type of poetry. Well I totally agree on that statement because the same is with the underground rap and horror core rap genre they try to express them selves in different ways and using different rap styles then the other mainstream rappers.

The beats for the underground/horrorcore rappers

When a underground rapper makes his beat or has it produced usually helps out the producer when in the process of making the beat. The rappers on MTV usually have their producers due all there work on the beat publishing and everything. And when you compare and underground beat to a regular hip hop beat to me there is a big difference. The regular hip hop beat has not as much of an aggregation or feeling tone as so the underground beat. The underground beat has more emotion or empathizes to the beat. It has more of different sounding instruments that the regular hip hop beats don’t have. Also some of the the horrorcore music has that dark or evil feeling that we all have at times. This then unleashes people’s creative sides! And that’s what makes a good artist in my opinion.

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  my email:trujuggalo2009@hotmail.com and send me an email of what you think about this post.


My youtube account: faygocrazy29 You can check out my videos while you’re at it.


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Sorry for the late release date.

Okay as i stated on my myspace blog, the two main reasons why i didnt release my album stories of purgatory is because i was on vaccation for a week. Also because my album would have interfered with the music artist BlazeyaDeadHomies new album gang rags that was being released June 22nd. But besides that point iam walking around selling my album for about $9.00 and i may(dont bet on this) ill    try to sell it on ebay or amazon hopefully i can find a way to do that but other than that if you get a copy of the album enjoy. O and also be on the lookout in the future for a mixtape called Killa Mix. Which is a remake of a couple of songs you may no or may not. Although iam going to have to conclude telling u anymore about it, cause that would just spoil it.   


Okay this is it the moment you have been all been waiting for this is my album work (front cover) for dark shyt mix 1 back cover still working on lol! 

This is the (back cover)  of the album dark shyt mix 1 (finally!!!!) lol 

Mind Confined.mp3

Over the summer videos that we did over the summer!

Biography videos that i made by myself about were i live and the places i use to go. 


  This was suppose to be for a myspace background but that didnt work out because myspace is being dumb and wont post the image for me.

The ghozt will be ending soon site will stay new site built for dj freaky eyes and a new photography site.  

 New album coming at soon suburban madness

New album suburban madness coming out soon srry guys i know it has been a long time since i have been coming out with an album. But this shit is for real and i will be getting this shit done. Dark shyt mix was canceled due to me being hospitalized for bi polar but iam doing a lot better now and iam ready to make this fucking album. Not making a release date yet. 


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